Jose Ivan Mejia

A software developer ready to change the world

Jose Ivan Mejia

Software Engineer experienced in React, Redux, Javascript, Ruby, Rails, PostgresSQL.
Brooklyn native originally from Honduras, looking to build innovative products that help give back to the community.
In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, crafting such as woodworking or leather, solving Rubick's cubes and cooking.


    Before plunging into this software engineering journey, I was working as a barista at Starbucks in Manhattan. I had taken some time off from school to become a certified Aircraft Mechanic. Soon after passing my exams and being certified, the pandemic went into full swing (as well as affecting the airline industry), leaving me with an abundance of time on my hand. I knew I wanted to go back to school and continue my education and after much thought and consideration I made the decision to attend App Academy. A decision I have come to love, as well as my new found passion!


Harmonic is an e-commerce website, modelled after Reverb, that allows users to navigate through and find almost any musical gear that they want. Enabaling to create the music they desire. I encourage you to check out the readme as well as the code on github for a more indepth break down!

Whats Cooking?

What's Cooking? is a minimal viable product that addresses the age old question of what's for dinner. With our app, you select what ingredients you already have and returns recipes that match the ingredients selected. The site will allow users to enter ingredients and search recipes without being signed in, but if they want to save a fridge for later use, they will need to create an account.

Battle for Yavin

Battle for Yavin is a spin on the classic game of gradius, but with a starwars spin. You are all that is left in the galaxy, help Luke Skywalker destroy the deathstar!! This game was made using vanilla JS. Making use of such technologies such as canvasJS

Kotlin Messenger

This is a messenger app I made to learn kotlin as a language as well as become familiar with Android studio. This was made following a 4 year old tutorial. I encountered a lot of hickups with outdated information, but luckily the Kotlin documentation was some of the best I have seen.

Harmonic 2.0

Harmonic 2.0 is a work in progress that I develop on my free time after work. After working as an instructor for 2+ years, teaching several classes of 30+ students everythign from the basics of JS to full stack development using the PERN stack, I decided to remake my e-commerce site to better reflect my current skillset. I encourage you to check out the code on github!


    Because of my unique background, my skills include much more than just software engineering. I am also a certified aircraft mechanic and have experience running and operating a buisness. I would love to share more! You can find my contact information below.